On March 1st, we begin the season of Lent, a time of focusing upon our life with Christ in worship, prayer, study, fellowship and giving to others. All of these things are disciplines, ways of training and strengthening ourselves to follow Jesus more closely. For some of you, you have been Lutherans forever, while others may have come to the Lutheran church later in life. Still others of you may be new to Christian faith and life. It is never a bad time to revisit the keys of our faith. Five hundred years ago Martin Luther upended the world by asking questions of the life of the Church and proclaimed that it is through Scripture alone, through faith alone and God's grace alone that we know salvation. He created a teaching resource called the Small Catechism- literally " a few things to teach Christians." Each week we will talk about one- The Ten Commandments, The Creed (what we believe), The Lord's Prayer, Baptism and Holy Communion. Join us each Wednesday as we teach and learn from one another the basic question "What does this mean- for me, for us, now?

Wherever you are on the journey, I encourage you to Walk Dusty. As we prepare for Ash Wednesday and the season of Lent we will begin marked with an ashen cross and hear- "remember that you are dust and to dust you shall return." It is a time for us to remember that it is a long and dusty road. It is on this journey that we reflect upon those who ahve gone before and those who will come after. We identify with the hurt and pain. We live in the messiness that comes with the often dirty road we travel. Let us also remember that it is this dust that we call life that shapes and forms us into resurrection people. Luther talks of "walking wet" as a way of remembering that every day is a new day of grace and forgiveness in our baptism. At the same time, we walk dusty. Remembering that in our brokenness we are healed. While the journey is long and tiresome. resurrection promises are greater. In our dusty walk, we claim the promises of Christ and we remember that we have come from dust and to dust we shall return. In our walk together I pray this year's journey with Jesus will fill you with new understandingd and draw you more deeply to our Savior.       -Your dusty companion, Pastor Carolyn