Kids and Families- Faith is deepened in our families and our church family





We are now giving memento's to children and youth for milestones in life such as baptism, 1st Communion, Confirmation. Some of you have have noticed the wonderful stones we have been handing out and have asked about ordering them for your children for milestones they have already reached.

Milestones are $2.25 each. Please let us know if you would like to purchase stones for past baptisms, 1st communions and confirmation. The congregation will provide them for future events as part of our ministry.

Milestones are also available for other special life events such a drivers license,  new job, marriage and many other moments of life. Beautiful bowls are also available to hold your stones.  You can see more at




Rally Day for 2019-2020 Sunday School is September 8 at 9:15.  Registration will be in the parlor, and will be followed by an opening in the sanctuary and then dispersal to classes (and a snack!)   

Confirmation also begins on September 8.

We look forward to having you in Sunday School this year!