News and Announcements:

Calendar for the Week of September 26, 2021
Monday- -  5:00pm Karate
Tuesday - -  5:30pm AA Meeting
Wednesday - -
Thursday - -  5:00pm Karate
Friday - - 
Saturday - -  2:00pm Baby Shower

LIVING NATIVITY - Yes, it is only September, but we need to think about our annual gift to the community on December 4th & 5th. The folks you have been preparing for the Living Nativity these many years are now in their ‘senior’ years and cannot handle all the work alone. A VERY IMPORTANT PLANNING MEETING WILL BE HELD WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 13TH AT 6:30PM. IF WE DO NOT HAVE AT LEAST 10 PEOPLE ATTENDING (or if you cannot attend, commit to helping by calling the church office and letting us know you will help) THE LIVING NATIVITY CANNOT BE HELD!!!!!
INSTALLATION SERVICE NEXT SUNDAY - Pastor Deb’s installation service is September 26th at 3PM. Please mark the date on your calendar and plan to be with us!! A time of refreshments and fellowship will follow the service. 
IMPORTANT - SUNDAY SCHOOL TEACHERS NEEDED!!!! - We still need substitute teachers and helpers. Enough helpers will allow us to ‘team teach’ in each section, so Sundays can be split according to your schedule. All material is provided, and we have a room full of craft items if you wish to do a special project. Please contact Cindy or Pastor Deb if you are willing to serve.
PLASTIC BAGS NEEDED - i.e. from Gould’s, Weiss or Giant markets for our upcoming events. Please place in bin at the back of the church. Please bring by October 3rd. Thanks!
APPLE FEST 2021 - Will be held Saturday October 16th from 8am-3pm. Volunteers are needed for our annual event. Dates are Thursdays at 9am on September 9th, and 23rd and October 7th. And the week prior to the Fest October 12th, 13th, 14th, and 15th. Also, the day of the Apple Fest the 16th. Please see the sign-up sheets on the table in the back of the church and help wherever you can!!
YOUR OFFERING FOR THE CHURCH - Thanks for being faithful with your offering to our church. Through the months when we could not meet, envelopes continued to be mailed to the church in support of God’s work and mission, and this has continued through this day. Remember, our offering envelopes are designed to be mailed to the church if you cannot be with us in person at worship. And, as summer is with us and we start to be ‘on the move’ again as restrictions are lifted, don’t forget your church offerings through this time, also.
NEW E-MAIL FOR PICTURES - We are looking to keep our web site and Facebook page up to date with all the events that happen here at Christ Church and where we volunteer and serve in other areas. If you have any pictures, please send them to, and be sure to take pictures of any church related activities and send them to the e-mail, too. Thanks for your help.  
GERANIUM CARE - The geraniums are planted and now we need to care for them. Please consider checking in to deadhead and water the plants as needed, and pull any weeds that may be there. The garden hose and watering can are by the side of the church.

Deb Jones and Pastor Deb are in the process of selecting our first class of Stephen Ministers.  Training will begin in October.  Over the next few months these future Stephen Ministers will receive extensive training in Christian caring skills. Some of the areas they will cover include listening effectively, addressing feelings, confidentiality, using the resources of Christianity, being assertive, and a number of topics dealing with specific life crises.
Throughout, the training will emphasize the theology of caring for the whole person.  We ask for your prayers as we select our Stephen Ministers and prepare them to provide one-to-one lay caring ministry to people experiencing life difficulties in our congregation and community.  
There is a cost to training our Stephen Ministers and running our Stephen Ministry.  If you would like to donate to help defray these costs, you can place any donations in the offering plate and mark it for Stephen Ministry.  For more information, contact Deb Jones at or 570-233-7675 or Pastor Deb.

INDIVIDUAL COMMUNION CUPS - are ready for pick up for you to use at home. They are inside the front door of the parlor and may be picked up during office hours. Please help yourself.  If you are unable to come to the church during the hours posted, please call the church (570-788-1572) to make other arrangements. You may also commune with what you have at home; bread, crackers, juice, wine, etc.
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