What to Expect When You Walk Through our Doors:

What's a service like? 

Our Sunday morning services have the same basic shape. We use a pattern of worship called the Liturgy, which means that while the music and readings will change we Gather, and begin by acknowledging together our shortcomings and hearing God's forgiveness and grace. Then  we hear God's Word, we Share God's meal, we Pray and we receive Blessing to send us forth strengthened and renewed. 


Parts of our service include standing or kneeling if you are able. There is  usually more organ music in addition to piano.

Our worship service on Saturday is a smaller gathering at 5 pm. 

ALL our worship services include Holy Communion except on Good Friday.

What do people wear to worship?  People typically come to worship in "dressy casual" clothes, but there is no one expected or typical style. Here in the Valley, we're often "on the go" so come as you are.

Who  can receive communion? 

We believe that all baptized Christians are invited to share at God's meal where Jesus is the host. Our practice here is that young children receive first Holy Communion in 5th grade after instruction, but we honor the fact that kids from other places may have already begun to receive communion. Anyone who chooses not to receive communion is encouraged to come forward and receive a blessing in the name of Christ. Those with mobility concerns receive communion in their seats.

We offer gluten free communion for those who need it.

What about our kids?  


We celebrate the wonder of children and also the fact that sometimes staying seated is hard! We offer a weekly children's bulletin and Worship Boxes full of things to do and ways to follow the service. We also have a children's message each week just before the sermon that helps kids focus on one aspect of our lessons that day- glitter,  candy, and interactive play happen!


We also offer Creation Station- a kid friendly area in our main entry with kids sized furniture and comfy adult furniture for playing. The worship service can be heard in this area and it is adjacent to a kitchenette and an ADA compliant bathroom with changing area.

How accessible is the church?  

Christ Lutheran Church has worked hard to make our entire building accessible for people with disabilities.  We have an automatic door opener at our main entrance, ADA compliant restroom facilities, a recently-installed  elevator, among other features.